(Going on a bit of a disappearance, not that I wasn’t already, but it’s the last two weeks of school, and I have a looooot to do! Don’t have too much fun without me!)

luv u guis xoxo<3

Anonymous said: Just how kinky are you?

Pretty damn kinky, if I do say so myself.

misterrustam said: Hey :) do you play dragon age 2 on pc? have you played the dlc pack: mark of the assassin? do you know how to overcome the bug at the end?

(I’M ASSUMING THIS IS A PERSONAL QUESTION? But anyway no I play it on the PS3, and I do have Mark of the Assassin, but I haven’t re-played it in so long I couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry! 8”’(

martin-lingerie said: heeeeyeyeeey how ys oudn?i liek th whys we ht things off bbys, bt jst one qhuachzcon, doublew tee EF is wirth that pierced ear lyk srsly ghaaaayaaaaaayayas. I meennotto say that y look like a flameng homoseyuual with thoz fetherrers n all but dayimn gurl that pierce. Seriously. seriously man? ahwlso, es jeustice your draq queen alter eego oor snthng i ddnt geet eeyt

(I can’t even answer this properly, I’m laughing so hard..)

Anonymous said: Very well then. We shall be specific then. When in the circle, what was the most awkward time you got caught having sex? As you must have gotten caught. Templars are very nosy when not being dicks. Or at the same time. Usually the same time.

There was a time in the library.. I was rammed so hard against one of the towering shelves, that it practically knocked over into the other ones. I’m pretty sure the templars running over to the scene of the crime saw way more than they anticipated, but I was so blazed out that I really didn’t give a blighted shit.

Anonymous said: Best Sexual experience? When, where, who, and HOW

I- Hm. There’s too much to choose from, I don’t know if I can pinpoint a single experience..

GUYS it’s still Tuesday so TMI this shit and I’m going to repsond in text if that’s okay?



Whoops I’m so sorry for being absent

wait no I’m not APRIL FOOLS.